Allan Jess


Allan brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to A.P. Jess Ltd. His industry career started at the tender age of 14 with weekend shifts in the family butcher shop. It was from there that he built a strong foundation and his love for the meat trade.

Throughout his career Allan has worked in just about every capacity within the A.P. Jess group; Sales, Production & Procurement, even owning his own farm in years gone by. Over this time he has gained an amazing amount of expertise; being a past president of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers, sitting on the board of Directors for Quality Meat Scotland and also working very closely with the Scottish Government.

T: 0141 889 8891

Steve Jolly


Steve brings a wealth of experience to the A.P. Jess team. Coming from a retail background he fully understands the needs of the business to business culture and requirements.

Steve has worked within the food industry since his college days working for Allied suppliers, Somerfield and Nestle.

He is keen to gain plenty of feedback from our customers as this will ensure that we are a customer facing operation. We love input from our customers to help develop our ranges and we have developed some bespoke ranges in recent years.

T: 0141 889 8891

David Jess


It could be said butchery is in David’s blood. When he left school he followed his father’s footsteps into the meat trade; starting off his career in the cutting department at A.P. Jess Paisley, he then quickly moved on to help run the family butcher shop in Greenock where he perfected both his butchery knowledge and his people skills by working the counter and the back shop.

Finally he joined A. P. Jess Paisley in 2009 to be part of our sales team and he has never looked back since.

T: 0141 889 8891

Graham Carey


Graham has been with A.P Jess since embarking on his food manufacturing career and has been with the company 18 years. Starting within the packing department through to butchery for the early part of his career. Graham has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the processing and handling of fresh meat.

His key focus is now on the technical and quality aspects of everything produced within our plant. He oversees the technical specifications and grades of cattle being processed, he is also the team leader for our haccp system. Quality and specification are two of the key elements that Graham takes pride in. Customer satisfaction is the benchmark that drives him to continually strive for improvements.

T: 0141 889 8891

Alexander Jess


Alexander has been involved in the meat trade for his entire adult life initially finding his way to the slaughter line aged 16. It was here that Alexander developed his butchery, production and knife skills that he would rely on for the rest of his career.

After a few years as a slaughterman he then moved to our wholesale operation at Paisley. His first role was as a cutting operative but through years of hard work and determination Alexander continued to develop his knowledge and expertise. This combined with his love for the trade encouraged him to gain his official beef grading license and since achieving this Alexander has become our Cutting & Procurement Manager. This is an important aspect of the business; buying, grading and selecting all of our beef for each of our different brands.

T: 0141 889 8891

George Mylrea


George has been with A.P Jess Ltd for the past six years. Moving from the building trade to the meat trade, he initially started his career within the cutting department. It was here that George perfected the skills of grading, selecting and cutting the carcass to each individual customer requirements. He then moved from butchery through to dispatch and gained a far better understanding of the entire operation, especially the importance of the branding and quality control of our vacuum-pac products.

An opportunity then presented itself within the sales team, with George's knowledge and experience combined with his outgoing personality and his attention to detail he was top of the list. Since then he has become a valued member of the sales force and continues to drive the business forward while still maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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David Dunlop


David has been with the company just over 20 years, he started his employment as an office junior and this was his first introduction to systems and processes.

He has since worked within our processing department, procurement management and staff development systems.

David has gained a wealth of knowledge within the trade and this is being utilised to constantly review our processing, systems and yields. He has also been involved with customer solutions in terms of software, bar coding and logistics.

T: 0141 889 8891